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Abracs Drill Bits! You Know the Drill!

Abracs Drill Bits! You Know the Drill!

Over the last year our Drill Bit range has grown to be one of our most extensive ranges available. We offer drill bits for all specialist materials and applications in a range of packaging solutions to suit all customers needs.

For Metal

We stock a wide range of Drill Bits suitable for use on metal. Our HSS Titanium & Cobalt Drill Bit ranges offer fast and effective drilling across two quality levels. Both the Titanium & Cobalt drill bits are manufactured with a precision split point for fast and effective drilling, the titanium coating on the TiN drill bits reduces friction increasing product lifetime, while the addition of 5% cobalt increases product strength, heat resistance & product lifetime. We also now offer a 3pc Step Drill Kit supplied in a handy case, this kit offers users 4-30mm of drilling for various types of sheet metals while the bits themselves are also manufactured with a split point for increased precision and anti-skidding, particularly useful on sheet metals.

For Tiles

Our Diamond Tile Drill Bit range is one of the best on the market. Manufactured for use on all Tiles plus Granite, Porcelain and Glass Mosaic, it was found during vigorous testing to deliver 12 more holes than the market leader, with a total of 49. The bits are designed with a wax cooling system which eliminates the need for water and decreases product down time. The range comprises of 7 Individual sizes ranging from 6-16mm & 4pc Kit offering 3 of the most popular sizes (6,7,8mm) and a handy Drill Bit Guide for accurate and seamless drilling, this is now also available as an individual product due to popular demand.

For Masonry

Our SDS+ Masonry Drill Bits range is manufactured with a tungsten carbide tip(TCT) for precise drilling and added strength and durability, while the precision ground flute offers effective dust and debris removal significantly increasing drilling speeds. The range is one of the most extensive we stock, we offer 46 individual bits in a range of varying sizes and lengths. 11 of these sizes are offered in 10pc Tubes, while we also offer 2 different 7pc Kits for a wide range of drilling applications and needs.

More to Come

In Q2 we will be launching HSS-G, Counter Sinks, SDS MAX, SDS Chisels, Percussion, Flat/Spade, Auger and Brad Point Drill Bits. Keep your eyes peeled for further information soon!

Check out our upcoming Q2 Grit offers for exclusive offers on the SDS+ Masonry & Dry Diamond Tile Drill Bits. Contact the Abracs team for more information on the range.