Trade Stands

We offer a wide range of branded display stands to showcase our premium quality products. Exclusive merchandising solutions enable professional presentation of our premium quality abrasive products across small and large sales spaces. Informative and sales focussed packaging makes the journey to purchase much clearer and easier for you to find the product you need.

Create a talking point

Premium products, displayed with ‘at a glance’ information to impact the customer at the point of purchase, making product selection easy. Abracs POS range display our new and innovative products, features, product USP’s and range additions in a clear to see and easy to understand package. All displays in the range are designed at a perfect size for a competitive sales space. Showcase your best selling abrasive products in a retail environment and watch your sales increase. Talk to your account manager for details on our new POS range.

Packaged to sell

Our packaging is designed to make product selection simple. All Abracs products are instantly recognisable as premium quality for professional use and display all the information required to make an informed purchasing decision. Our packaging shows clear quality levels to aid product selection, USP information designed to highlight our product’s key features and a clearly defined colour system for easy product selection. Main material applications are clearly visible on the front of our product packs for instant recognition.

Marketing support

We offer an in house design service for bespoke promotions and product literature. If you would like to represent our brand to your market, we are behind you. Let us know your requirements, or ask for advice on any aspect associated with promoting the Abracs brand. We will help you every step of the way.

Meet our wizards