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Hybrid Flap Discs

Hybrid Flap Discs

The new Hybrid Flap Disc has been designed using a double row of mixed abrasive cloth on a flexible and durable fibre glass backing. Significant R&D and subsequent product testing proves that using a mixture of 60g material on the bottom layer and 40g material on the top layer leads to increased performance and life time of 20% over a standard flap disc.

  • For use on
  • stainless steel
  • sheet metal
  • mild steel
  • high grade steel
Hybrid Flap Discs
Specification Max RPM Box Qty Product Code
115mm x 22mm x 60/40g F27 Hybrid “20%+” Flap Disc 13,200 25 ABFZ115B060/040
125mm x 22mm x 60/40g F27 Hybrid “20%+” Flap Disc 12,200 25 ABFZ125B060/040

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