Every innovative product starts with a good idea. At Abracs we are continually working to improve, re-develop and innovate to provide abrasive solutions for our industrial markets.


Once we have the idea, it is time to develop the concept and we rely on our long standing customer relationships to help us find the answers we need. Without the help of our loyal and long-standing customer base we would not be able to achieve the exceptional results in product development and innovation that we are recognised for in the industry today.


We first need to determine what the exact industry requirement is in order to most effectively solve a problem with a product solution, after all, every Abracs product is designed to help our industries to run more effectively, efficiently and safely, helping people to save time and money.


Once we are satisfied with the feedback and have analysed all of the associated aspects of the new product idea in detail with our customers and industry experts, our product management team develops the concept and starts the product development process which, after extensive research and development results in our first test samples.


Not only do we put the new product through our rigorous quality management procedures to ensure safety and quality but we also ensure that we are able to produce our new innovation to a consistently high standard for mass markets. Only when all of these elements have been fully satisfied do we start production.


We believe that it is not good enough to stop here, we batch test every production so we can guarantee the consistently high level of quality expected by customers when they purchase an Abracs product.


We provide a comprehensive distribution service for our customers. We can deliver a solution that is right for their business requirements and realise that a one size fits all approach is not a good enough service to offer in these modern times.


We have an expectation from our customer base to offer new, exciting and innovative products at the highest quality level, this is what we have built our reputation on and is what the Abracs name is recognised for.

The results