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A New Promotion Structure - GRIT MAGAZINE

A New Promotion Structure - GRIT MAGAZINE

So, we have all witnessed the innovative and forward thinking approach Abracs take when it comes to marketing. One thing their distributors may have noticed this month is the disappearance of the Super 6 promotional document. I can now tell you that customers maybe waiting a while, as the Super 6 is no more…Introducing Abracs’ new promotional structure GRIT Magazine. Not only does this beautifully crafted magazine contain incredibly competitive offers through their newly developed POWER PROMOTION structure, but readers will also notice the unbelievable new content. Featuring: Trade Tips, Testimonials, Testing Feedback and newly developed product release dates. This publication is more than worthy of a place in the magazine rack. With features such as a pull out offer calendar displaying 3 months worth of offers, this promotional document is one to look out for this 2017!

Graphic Designer Luigi Amitrano comments on the design of the document - “Clarity was incredibly important and was at the forefront of this project, along with collating content that people would find interesting and therefore worthy of a quick read. This outlook helped to develop a design structure and layout, keeping information clean and easy to digest. Creating a refreshing reading experience was at the heart of this particular project, we are all very happy with the outcome, we hope you are too!”

It is clear that Abracs have some surprises in store for 2017, we should probably all keep our eyes peeled!

Brand Manager Alex Gowans tells us about the change from Super 6 to GRIT - “The Super 6 was a fantastic asset to our brand, encouraging people to engage with us by keeping updated with regular offers available to our entire customer base. Innovation is at the core of our company and developing new ways of communicating to our customers is very important to us. This exciting change shows our enthusiasm for what we do. The positive response from our customers has also been very encouraging. If you would like to feature in the next issue, please do not hesitate to contact either myself, Luigi, or any other member of the Abracs team.”