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Brand Manager makes a splash!

Brand Manager makes a splash!

When Alex Gowans, Brand Manager at Abrasive and Consumable company Abracs ltd stepped into the sea in Dover he had 21 miles of open water ahead of him, with temperatures averaging at just 15°c and not even a wet suit for company this was sure to be a grueling and extremely challenging task, certainly not for the faint hearted.

However, we are pleased to announce that in spectacular fashion Alex completed the swim in a rather impressive 12.46 hours! A fantastic achievement which we commend him for greatly. The sea was rough at times with waves reaching up to 2 meters in height and the temperatures making it no easier, Alex can be extremely proud of his achievements not only on a personal level but also in his fundraising exploits.

We are happy to announce that so far £987.00 has been raised for Kickstart, a charity who’s aim is to decrease poverty in Africa by supplying high quality irrigation pumps to Improve farming and help farmers to sell their crops, lifting themselves and their families out of poverty. Abracs are currently giving 5% of all their Super 6 sales throughout October to the cause, while their Just Giving page is also currently live, in the pursuit of raising as much money as possible for this incredible cause.

Should you want to help by donating please click here.

Want more? …No problem, enjoy Alex’s journey from start to finish with this fantastic video click here to view