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Tile & Porcelain Diamond Blades Range Extension

Tile & Porcelain Diamond Blades Range Extension

Abracs range of Tile & Porcelain Diamond Blades has been extended with six BRAND NEW blades added making our range of tile cutting products one of the most comprehensive on the market.

We have added a 150mm, 200mm & 250mm to the range of X-Tech blades and introduced a 300mm x 20mm, 300 x 25mm & 350mm range of blades with a 10mm segment for larger scale tile & porcelain cutting applications.

X-Tech Blades The continuous X-Tech rim blade offers a combination of long life, clean cutting and excellent value. These thinner blades provide improved speed and accuracy, manufactured with a strengthened core for stability and precision. The X-Tech rim gives efficient cooling throughout the cut as well as leaving a very smooth, polished finish on the surface on the application material, making these blades perfect for not chipping expensive tiles. The 115mm blades are also available in a counter top display box, a fantastic addition to any trade counter.

10mm Segmented Blades These larger blades are manufactured with a 10mm segment and fine diamond grit. Gullets aid stock removal ensuring these blades produce a smooth, clean cut, offering a combination of ferocious speed and ultimate performance. For use with a stihl saw, these blades are the perfect solution for large scale tile cutting applications.

The extensive range now consists of 10 blades ranging from 115mm through to 350mm, for use with a range of tools for small and large scale jobs. The blades have been tested on a wide range of material applications including Porcelain, Marble, Sandstone, Ceramic, Limestone and Slate and performed incredibly well, with no splitting or chipping on the material.

Be sure to see the Q3 issue of our Grit Magazine in July for a full review and test data from our Product Manager, and check out the full range on page 38 of our 2020 Product Range Catalogue.