Abrasive Cutting & Grinding
Hybrids 3 in 1

Hybrids 3 in 1

The “3-in-1” Multi disc can be used for cutting, grinding and finishing applications simply by altering the angle at which the disc is used. 90 degrees for cutting, 30 degrees for grinding and 15 degrees for finishing. An extra layer of reinforcing has been added to the disc to ensure that it can cope with additional side pressure from grinding despite the 2.5mm thickness (which is thinner than a standard cutting disc) guaranteeing a fast, straight cut. The disc is also INOX (iron, sulphur and chlorine free) meaning that it can be used on stainless steel without any risk of material contamination or rust formation.

  • For use on
  • stainless steel
  • sheet metal
  • mild steel
  • high grade steel
Hybrids 3 in 1
Specification Grade Max RPM Box Qty Product Code
115mm x 2.5mm x 22mm DPC Hybrid “3 in 1” Multi Discs A36SBF 13,200 25 HY11525DM
125mm x 2.5mm x 22mm DPC Hybrid “3 in 1” Multi Discs A36SBF 12,200 25 HY12525DM

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