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M14 Foam Heads Traditional Expert

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M14 Foam Heads Traditional

Why the Expert?

Abracs Traditional Foam Heads are designed with an M14 fitting enabling them to be attached directly to the tool, negating the need for a backing pad. Designed to remove severe oxidation, scratches and swirls on painted surfaces and daily maintenance in the automotive industry. The polyester sponge material offers excellent tensile strength and durability for high performance and extended product lifetime.

  • For use on
  • Paint
  • Scratches
  • Swirls
  • Oxidation
M14 Foam Heads Traditional
Specification Pack Qty Product Code
150mm x 50mm x M14 Foam Head - White (Compounding) 1 BSA15013
150mm x 50mm x M14 Foam Head - Orange (Polishing) 1 BSA15014
150mm x 50mm x M14 Foam Head - White Black (Finishing) 1 BSA15015

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