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Rescue Diamond Blades

Why the Expert?

Abracs Rescue Blades have been developed to cut virtually any material so are ideal for rescue work as well as general construction applications. The super thin blade ensures excellent cutting speeds with minimal material loss. Premium quality diamonds, vacuum brazed to a strengthened metal body.

Rescue Diamond Blades
Specification Max RPM Pack Qty Product Code
Rescue Blade 115mm x 2.2mm x 22mm 13,300 1 RB115
Rescue Blade 125mm x 2.2mm x 22mm 12,250 1 RB125
Rescue Blade 230mm x 2.2mm x 22mm 6,650 1 RB230
Rescue Blade 300mm x 2.2mm x 20mm 5,100 1 RB30020
Rescue Blade 350mm x 2.2mm x 20mm 4,400 1 RB35020

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