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Speed Auger Drill Bits

Why the Expert?

Abracs Speed Auger Drill Bits are 6x Faster drilling speed compared to a traditional Flat/ Spade Wood Bit. The Tri-Flute design offers optimal debris removal and reduced jamming while the self-feed threaded tip improves accuracy when drilling. ¼” Hex “Quick-Chuck” for quick, easy and safe fitting. Manufactured with premium quality steel for long life & ultimate performance.

Speed Auger Drill Bits
Specification Pack Qty Product Code
Speed Auger Bit 16mm x 159mm 1 SAB16
Speed Auger Bit 18mm x 159mm 1 SAB18
Speed Auger Bit 20mm x 159mm 1 SAB20
Speed Auger Bit 22mm x 159mm 1 SAB22
Speed Auger Bit 25mm x 159mm 1 SAB25
Speed Auger Bit 28mm x 159mm 1 SAB28
Speed Auger Bit 32mm x 159mm 1 SAB32

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