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20PC Multi-Tool Blade Packs Pro

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20PC Multi-Tool Blade Packs

Why the Pro?

20pc bulk/ trade packs available in 34mm Wood and 34mm Wood & Metal Blades. The Wood Blades are manufactured using Chromium-vanadium steel, for use on wood/ timber, plasterboard, plastics and similar material applications. The Wood & Metal blades are Bi-metal and feature milled and hardened HSS teeth for standard cutting on hard & soft wood, wood with nails, sheet steel, plastics, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.

20PC Multi-Tool Blade Packs
Specification Pack Qty Product Code
34mm Multi-tool - Wood (20pc) 1 MTW3420
34mm Multi-tool - Wood/Metal (20pc) 1 MTWM3420

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