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42pc Impact S/D Bit Kit Expert

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42pc Impact S/D Bit Kit

Why the Expert?

Abracs 42pc Impact Screwdriver Bit Kit contains a range of popular sized Impact Bits and accessories in a wide range of head types to suit a broad range of screw driving applications.The torsion zone on each bit alleviates the stress & pressure put on the bit during drilling increasing endurance, product life and overall performance.

42pc Impact S/D Bit Kit
Specification Box Qty Product Code
42pc Impact Screwdriver Bits Kit 25mm - 1x H3, 1x H4, 1x H5, 1x H6, 2x T15, 2x T20, 2x T25, 1x T30, 1x SL4, 1x SL5, 1x SL6, 2x PH1, 2x PH2, 2x PH3, 1x PH4, 2x PZ1, 2x PZ2, 2x PZ3, 1x PZ4 50mm - 1x T20, 1x PH1,1x PH2, 1x PH3, 1x PZ1, 1x PZ2, 1x PZ3 90mm - 1x T20, 1x PH2, 1x PH3, 1x PZ2, 1x PZ3 1x Impact Bit Holder & 25mm PZ2 Bit 6 SDKIT42

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