PR & Advertising

Our nationwide PR and advertising campaigns target end users to raise brand awareness. We like to launch products with a bang, Why?. . . because we put a serious amount of development into manufacturing products with a competitive edge.


Trade Show calendar

We showcase our product range and brand at a series of the top UK and European Trade shows. It’s a great arena to get to know what sparks interest and see the positive reactions to what we’re doing with product and brand development . . . It’s all good news.

Social Media

We are a social bunch, when we’re not getting book smart about brand new abrasive grain technologies and excitable about improved metal alloys we can be found trekking together on mountain ridges, training hard for charity events and getting celebratory rounds in at the bar. The extent of our madness can be perused at your own leisure by following us on social media or clicking the news link below.

news for you

Point of Sale & Packaging

Abracs POS range display our new and innovative products, features, product USP’s and range additions in a clear to see and easy to understand package… . . Create a talking point on your trade counter. See what else we do to help onward sales of our products at the link below.

Distributor support

Product Merchandising

We offer a wide range of branded display stands to showcase our premium quality products. Exclusive merchandising solutions enable professional presentation of our premium quality abrasive products across small and large sales spaces. Our stands are available to all of our distributors and we can provide them for free when you place an order for stock.

All merchandising


All New POWER PROMOTIONS! We send over 5000 hard copies of our newly developed quarterly magazine to our loyal customer base. Not only does this beautifully crafted magazine contain incredibly competitive offers through our newly developed POWER PROMOTION structure, but readers will also notice the unbelievable new content. Featuring: Trade Tips, Testimonials, Testing Feedback and newly developed product release dates. The content is clear and concise but the promotional pull out calendar is designed to give a POW to prices across every industry sector. Look out for your exclusive copy, or alternatively speak to your area manager for more information.


We’re literally giving it away. Branded merchandise so you and your customers remember us when stock is running low or other products are letting you down. It looks awesome and helps us to spread the word about our brand… . Hey, you can’t fault our honesty.