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Abracs BRAND NEW HSS Titanium Drill Bits

Abracs BRAND NEW HSS Titanium Drill Bits

Introducing the BRAND NEW range of Abracs HSS Titanium Drill Bits, precision ground for high performance. With their unique premium quality Titanium coating and Split Point Precision, our Drill Bits really are something to shout about.

The Titanium coating hardens the cutting surface and reduces friction meaning these tools can last up to 3x longer than standard HSS Drill Bits. Most effective when cutting metal, however, a wider range of materials including Wood, Plastic and General Construction Materials will also be no match for these Drill Bits.

The Abracs Titanium Drill Bits feature self-centering Split Point technology and have four cutting edges compared to the two found on non split point products. This allows the drill to instantly grip the material throughout the cut, meaning no need for pilot holes, and eliminates the bits ‘walking’ by initially anchoring to the material.

Efficiency is key with these Drill Bits. Uniquely designed grooves cut into the flute effectively lift away debris, enabling faster drilling speeds with less chance of snagging.

As always, our Resident Product Tester, Bruce Bellinger put this product through some vigorous testing. “The Split Point is a absolute time & lifesaver in my opinion, Non split point drill bits often require a hole to be tapped before use and do not cut into metal as well during the cut. The split point creates less movement and more accuracy during cutting resulting in a significant speed advantage. The split point is another step in the manufacturing process and does create more cost in production, however the performance results for me far outweigh the additional costs incurred.”

Brand New for 2018 the range spans from 1-13mm, with a 19 and a 25pc set also available, as well as a 7pc set with Quick-Chuck fitting and a 15pc Masonry Drill & Chisel Set.