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Abrasive Wheel Training Available Now

Abrasive Wheel Training Available Now

As part of our on-going commitment to quality & safety we are now offering Abrasive Wheel Training courses as an additional service to our customers and wider end-user market. Legislation regarding the supply, fitting and use of abrasive wheels has changed significantly in recent years making it difficult for employers and operators of abrasive wheels to be clear on their legal requirements. As part of our new courses, employers and operators will gain a full understanding of legislation and legal requirements, understand the potential dangers and hazards of abrasive wheels and leave fully certified for their respective roles.

Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), it is a legal requirement for those involved in the use of abrasive wheels to be properly trained. These regulations have totally replaced the Abrasive Wheels Regulations 1970 for the safe handling, storing, mounting and use of grinding wheels. In addition, new safety standards for abrasive wheels and grinding machines and new codes of practice for the safe use of these products have also been introduced. This has widened the scope for training to include those manufacturing, specifying, selling, purchasing, supervising and using abrasives.

In addition to the legal requirements (PUWER) which now mean anyone using abrasive wheel products must be professionally trained, it is also to ensure safety in the workplace for both operators of abrasive wheels and those around them. Accidents involving abrasive wheels figure prominently in accident statistics, many of which should never occur as they are caused directly as a result of lack of knowledge, skill and competence. Completion of this course will help to prevent similar accidents occurring in the future.

Courses are available either on-site or at our in-house training and demonstration facility. We currently have 3 fully trained and accredited Abrasive Wheel Trainers on hand to deliver the training that will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge that are required to operate abrasive wheel machines in a safe and efficient manner. Please contact our head office or your Area Sales Manager.

Please contact the Abracs team for further information & Bookings.