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BRAND NEW! Product Videos

BRAND NEW! Product Videos

With the introduction of our NEW Cobalt Holesaws to our range we felt it only right they should be first on the list to be showcased and filmed in our brand new test zone. With the addition of 8% Cobalt & painted in a sleek matt black design we were expecting both the performance and cinematography to be impressive. We were not disappointed. We wanted to create a product demonstration with some added attitude to get away from the more “dusty” video’s prevalent in the industry. The video is packed with information and shows off just what the Brand New Range can do. We are certainly happy with the results.

With the completion of the Cobalt Holesaws video we began filming for our Wire Brushes Range, the second instalment in our product testing series which will eventually encompass every category in our product range. “It was quite a challenge to get this one right, with the Holesaw video there was only one product to shoot but with the Wire Brush range we had to think of a new set of rules to get as many products into the video as possible” - Curtis Roberts

Check out both our product range videos on Abracs youtube channel or log onto www.abracs.com

More quality product demo video’s available soon…