Abracs News

"Cuts Like A Hot Knife Through Butter"

Abracs Ltd are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Abrasives, Accessories and Allied products. the York based company are very in touch with the needs of their market and like to let their products do the talking. After the recent launch of their new and improved Diamond Blade range, they distributed the different products to some of the industry’s selected top professionals to put the products through their paces.

As part of testing Abracs Ltd gave Leeds Bradford Airport Fire Service the brand new Universal Construction Materials Blade to test. The blade has been designed to cope with any construction material. The UCM blade has been coined ‘The All In One’ on the UK construction market. After extensive testing on a range of materials including heavy use on aluminium by Leeds Bradford Fire Service, the quote

it cuts like a hot knife through butter was received as feedback on the blades multi purpose performance.

Abracs Ltd would like to sincerely thank Leeds Bradford Airport Fire Service for taking part in their rigorous testing scheme.