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Designed By You

Designed By You

Abracs has spent a large part of 2015 developing, innovating and rebranding, adding more products to its extensive range of abrasive consumables, according to its product development team. Early 2015 saw the introduction of the inox 115mm x 0.75mm ultra-thin cutting disc, the thinnest and fastest cutting disc in the range to date, Abracs says. Shortly after came the launch of the hybrid range, a collection of products which includes the ‘5 in 1’ multi-material disc, the ‘3 in 1’ multi-use disc, and the ‘Plus 20’ flap disc which boasts 20% increased performance over a standard Abracs flap disc.

Spring saw the launch of the new jigsaw blade range, which has proven a great success among both existing and new customers. A re-developed range of electrician and plumber Hole Saw kits were released in early summer, loaded with extra products and re-packaged to target the consumer with great success, Abracs says.

The most recent development has been the new and improved Diamond Blade Range. The redeveloped range includes a healthy amount of new product innovations, a more comprehensive range of sizes and specs and a completely new and unique ‘look and feel’ to the consumer focused packaging, which was very much aided by customer input.

Abracs points to the Universal Construction Range, the Construction Blade Twin Pack, the new Core Complete range (a selection of dry diamond cores which come packaged with all accessories pre-fitted and ready to use) plus a comprehensive range of XL super-sized diameter blades as innovation highlights in the Diamond Cutting Tools range.

Abracs would like to thank all of their customers for their ongoing support and feedback. Managing Director Rob Jeffery says ‘Without your feedback our rapid product development and innovation just would not be possible, I would like to personally thank our loyal customers for their support and dedication to the Abracs brand’