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Test Zone - BRAND NEW Hub Cleaning Kit

Test Zone - BRAND NEW Hub Cleaning Kit

Much like with all of our new products that come through the door I like to give them a vigorous test to make sure I can pass my knowledge onto our customers.

Next into the Test Zone was our Brand New Hub cleaning tool and once again I was very impressed with not only the quality of the product but also increased level of efficiency on such a tedious job.

After removing a wheel with an impact gun the tool fits straight on and away you go. I did make the mistake of not switching the gun to tighten which did result in the poly disc coming off, however that was just me not thinking as it is a threaded fitment something which should be observed when you are using this product.

The tool removed all the rust and grime from the Hub making it ready for paint or simply just to check for damage. The tool has an added bonus of having a hollow centre which is perfect for cleaning the threads on the wheel nuts whether they are part of the hub or even removable nuts. The poly disc will remove all rust, dirt and any other impurities, offering a superior cleaning performance without removing any stock metal meaning no damage to threads.

I found it to be a very simple and effective tool to use and even if you use it for the threads only I think it could easily become part of any routine when removing a wheel.