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“When using the Abracs range of wire brushes you get a real feel of quality all the way down to their construction. You get no painful bristle loss as with the cheaper brushes. The bristles are looped within the body of the brush where cheaper examples are just pressed in. There is a very versatile range of brushes from a 22mm End Brush all the way up to the 200mm Wide Face Bench Grinder Brushes so there is no job where there isn’t a perfect size available. Most of the brushes are also available in stainless steel to further extend the applications available.

I use them primarily for cleaning up welds and removing surface rust and paint. The brass dipped crimp steel wire brushes range are perfect for this as they get in to every pit of rust without damaging the material. The high-density crimped wire makes the brushes ideal for polishing, surface preparation and most other cleaning applications.

Twist Knot brushes are sturdy and aggressive whilst offering the operator maximum safety. They are ideal for the removal of slag, rust, paint and residues of any kind and are better for large area surface preparation and removing weld scale. The range goes even further with Non-Spark Brushes, Pipeline, Filament, Bevelled, Bench and Spindle Mounted. So as well as a large range of standard Cup Brushes there is a vast array of more specialised brushes available.”

“Wire Lock Technology - Every piece of wire in an Abracs Wire Brush is threaded and looped around a holding plate inside the casing of every Cup, Circular, Bevelled and Pipeline Brush for strength, durability & safety.”