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BRAND NEW Multi-Purpose Drill Bits

BRAND NEW Multi-Purpose Drill Bits

Abracs BRAND NEW Multi-Purpose Drill Bits fulfil a variety of needs, cutting a plethora of material applications with a single bit, making these products a must have for any tool box.

The range of Multi-Purpose Drill Bits are designed to be the ONE bit you will need for multiple material applications, resulting in higher productivity and less downtime.

These precision ground drill bits feature a high quality, 120 degree Tungsten Carbide tip that is manufactured for long life and more precise drilling. The bits diamond ground cutting edges are strong and durable, enabling multi-purpose drilling through virtually all construction materials including metal, wood, plastic, masonry and tiles. Designed with a steep, aggressive U-type flute that offers efficient and optimal removal of dust and debris, resulting in faster drilling speeds.

Our Resident Product Tester, Bruce Bellinger took these products for a spin in the Abracs Test Zone for some quality management checks, “I was very impressed with the speed and durability of these drill bits, finding that they worked especially well on hardened steel. I tested them across a range of material applications and noticed that when drilling hardened steel that the Tungsten Carbide tip allowed the bits to quickly anchor into the material, whereas some other bits might skid across the surface. Overall the drill bits performed to a very high standard, and being able to use one product for multiple materials saved a lot of time”.

The range spans from 3mm - 12mm, with individual bits packaged in informative hanging pouches. We also offer a counter top stand display option for these products, with a magnetic advertising strip to further promote the BRAND NEW range.