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BRAND NEW Multi Tools Range Coming Soon!

BRAND NEW Multi Tools Range Coming Soon!

Abracs BRAND NEW range of Multi-Tool Blades are designed for high performance and maximum versatility in professional use. Available in a wide range of specifications to cover all materials and applications, including wood, wood and metal and tiling.

The Range

Available for use on a variety of material applications, the range features 21 different blades, sold individually and in a range of kits for each specialist application. Every Abracs Multi-Tool blade features a universal shank that is compatible with all popular brands of Multi-Tools. The range in its entirety spans from 32mm to 87mm.

Wood Cutting Blades

Manufactured using Chromium-vanadium steel, the wood cutting blades feature either milled teeth for a standard or plunge cut, or Japanese teeth for a precision cut. For use on wood/timber, plasterboard, plastics and similar material applications. These blades are long life and maximum performance, in 4 Star Pro and 5 Star Expert quality levels.

Wood & Metal Cutting Blades

This range can be divided into two categories, defined by the manufacturing material. The Bi-Metal blades feature milled & hardened HSS teeth for standard cutting on hard & soft wood, wood with nails, sheet steel, plastics, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Also available are a range of precision cutting blades with Titanium coated Bi-Metal HSS teeth for fine, straight cutting. The addition of the Titanium coating results in a longer lasting, ultimate performance blade.

Tiling Blades

Designed for removing grout, adhesive, residues and plaster, as well as precision cutting in tiles, concrete and ceramic, the range of tiling blades feature a carbide grit radial saw blade, a carbide grit delta rasp, a diamond boot blade and a rigid scraper, all available in our 4 piece tiling kit.

Packaged To Sell

Our user friendly packaging is designed to aid your customer on the journey to purchase. On each pack there is a comprehensive range of information including cut type, tooth type, USP’s, material applications and features & benefits. We believe our packaging is the most informative on the market, making product selection easy and simple.

Put To The Test

Resident Product Tester Bruce Bellinger took these products into the Abracs Test Zone for some quality management checks, “I was very impressed with the speed and consistency of the cutting across the full range of these blades. Each blade works perfectly for its desired application, and I was especially impressed with the longevity of the products. Overall these blades performed fantastically well and provided the cut they were designed to on every occasion.”

Get in touch with the Abracs team for more details on the range.