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5pc Hub Cleaning Kit Expert

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5pc Hub Cleaning Kit

Why the Expert?

Our Brake Hub Cleaning Kit product gives operators a quick and effective means of removing rust from the brakes, rotor and hub. The anti-clogging construction keeps the abrasive minerals cutting at higher performance. The system removes rust and corrosion quickly, even in hard to reach places. The attachment provides quick disc changes with the convenience of running on electric or pneumatic impact guns. All this adds up to saving time, increasing speed and effectiveness on the brake job.

  • For use on
  • Alloys
  • Metal
  • Aluminium
  • Rust
5pc Hub Cleaning Kit
Specification Box Qty Max PSI Product Code
5pc Hub Cleaning Kit 5 90 HCT1
10pc 50mm Threaded Poly Disc Replenishment Pack 10 90 HCT2

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