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Quick-Lock Bristle Brushes

Quick-Lock Bristle Brushes

These fast running Ceramic grit discs are ideal for efficiently cleaning or stripping many substances from metal surfaces without damaging the work-piece. Flexible bristles conform to contours of the work-piece to produce consistent finishes on the most uneven surfaces, whilst keeping surface tempeartures cool to prevent warping of the workpiece.

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Quick-Lock Bristle Brushes
Specification Max RPM Box Qty Product Code
50mm Quick-Lock Bristle Brush (Yellow) 80g 25,000 10 ABQLBY050
50mm Quick-Lock Bristle Brush (Green) 50g 25,000 10 ABQLBG050
75mm Quick-Lock Bristle Brush (Yellow) 80g 20,000 10 ABQLBY075
75mm Quick-Lock Bristle Brush (Green) 50g 20,000 10 ABQLBG075
50mm Quick-Lock Bristle Brush (Mixed) 5x 50g, 5x 80g 25,000 10 ABQLBM050
75mm Quick-Lock Bristle Brush (Mixed) 5x 50g, 5x 80g 20,000 10 ABQLBM075

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