Wire Brush Range
Wire Brushes Pipeline

Wire Brushes Pipeline

Aggressive twist knot wire brushes suitable for heavy duty applications such as preparation and finishing of seam weldings, deburring and other applications specifically within the oil and pipeline industry. Available in a full range of diameters, thicknesses and bore sizes. Please note that stainless steel brushes are only available in blister packs.

  • For use on
  • metal
  • high grade steel
  • pipes
  • iron
Wire Brushes Pipeline
Specification Product Code Wire Gauge Max RPM Box Qty
115mm Diameter x 22mm ABWBPL11522 0.5 12,500 5
115mm Diameter x M14 S/S* ABWBPL115M14S 0.5 12,500 5
175mm Diameter x 22mm ABWBPL17522 0.5 9,000 5
175mm Diameter x 22mm S/S* ABWBPL17522S 0.5 9,000 5

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